The Pixie Bob Cat

About the Breed

The Pixie Bob is bred to resemble the North American Red Coastal Bobcat featuring a strong face with hooded eyes and a prominent muzzle.

The Standard

Pixie Bob Cat size and all other features are discussed in the Pixie Bob Cat standard describing the ideal cat.

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PixieBob.Org is dedicated to raising awareness of this rare and beautiful breed. We work tirelessly on educating the public worldwide about this breed, its origin, its humble beginnings, its looks, temperament, health, and care.

You can also find a comprehensive list of breeders in the United States and every country this enchanting breed is calling home. TICA, ACFA, WCF, and many other registries have accepted the Pixie-Bob and allow it to be shown, competing for titles.

PixieBob.Org provides tips and tricks on how to care for your Pixie Bob properly. Just check out our blog for our latest articles.

The Pixie Bob Cat


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The Head
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The Inspiration

The Pixie Bob is bred to emulate the North American Red Coastal Bobcat’s rugged and exotic looks.

Pixie Bob News

Pixie Bob Cat Articles

Want to get Pixie Bob info? Look no further than our articles featuring everything you ever wanted to know about Pixie Bob cats.

Both, ACFA and TICA are also excellent resources to find out more about this amazing breed.

Colors & Patterns

The standard Pixie Bob color and pattern is brown spotted tabby. However, because mostly found cats of unknown heritage were used in this breed’s early...