Colors & Patterns

In the delightful world of Pixie Bob cats, the standard color and pattern are the charming brown spotted tabby.

Yet, in the early days of this breed, our feline friends with unknown heritage added a sprinkle of surprise. So, don’t be surprised if you come across offbeat colors and patterns—those kittens/cats are still every bit a Pixie-Bob, just with a dash of non-standard flair. But what does non-standard really mean? Let’s dive into the cozy details!


Welcome to the world of Pixie Bob patterns, where the adorable lineup includes the spotted/broken mackerel and classic patterns. It’s like having a wardrobe of stylish options for our feline friends – each one adding a touch of unique charm to these delightful cats!

Here in Pixie Bobcat land, you’ll notice that most of our furry friends sport either the charming spotted pattern or a delightful broken mackerel design. Picture broken mackerel as a pattern that’s all about spots with a sprinkle of stripes known as rib bars. These lovely rib bars grace both sides of the rib cage, adding a touch of whimsy to our feline companions


Let the fun begin!

Embracing the classic charm, all Pixie Bob cats don the traditional black/brown hue. Yet, every now and then, you might catch a glimpse of an off-color adventurer. These off-color variants add a touch of unpredictability and flair, bringing a delightful array of hues to the Pixie Bob palette.:

  • Dilute
  • Pointed
  • Melanistic

Let’s take a closer look at each of these colors.


Let’s explore the enchanting world of dilute Pixie Bob cats! ‘Dilute’ is like the softer, pastel version of the classic black/brown tabby. Imagine the diluted black transforming into a lovely shade of grey, also known as ‘blue’ in cat fancy language.

So, a standard dilute Pixie Bob kitten boasts a charming blue/brown tabby ensemble. And here’s the delightful twist—the brown color takes on a gentle, almost creamy lightness, creating a palette of subtle elegance.

Dilute Female Pixie Bob Cat


In the captivating tale of Pixie-Bob origins, some purist breeders might insist only ‘bobcat hybrids’ played a role – but that’s not entirely accurate.

Early on, Bengal cats joined the mix, contributing their striking spotted patterns. Bengals often boast brown spotted tabby coats, and, interestingly, the use of Siamese cats in early Bengal development introduced the recessive pointed gene.

As a result, a few Pixie Bobs inherited this recessive gene. If both parents carry for points, the enchanting possibility of seal lynx-pointed kittens may come to life in the Pixie-Bob world.

Pointed Pixie Bob Cat


Let’s unravel the mystery of melanistic – a term meaning ‘having very dark skin or hair’ due to an elevated level of pigment. It’s like nature’s way of painting our Pixie Bob cats with a deeper, richer hue, creating a striking contrast that adds to their unique allure.

Meet the mesmerizing melanistic cats, dressed in the elegance of almost complete blackness. This captivating appearance is a result of a genetic mutation leading to an overproduction of melanin, the pigment responsible for color. The manifestation of this genetic dance renders the cat’s coat a stunning and solid shade of black, creating a truly enchanting sight.

Melanistic Pixie Bob Cat

While dilute, pointed, and melanistic may not be standard Pixie Bob colors, we consider them fascinating and valuable in their own right. The absence of a brown spotted tabby coat in a Pixie Bob kitten doesn’t diminish its purebred status—each unique hue adds to the charm and diversity within this captivating feline breed.