Choosing a Purebred Cat

Maybe you went to a cat show and met your first Pixie Bob there. Maybe one of your friends got one, and after meeting it, you decided this is YOUR breed!

Regardless of what made you decide that the Pixie Bob is the breed for you, your decision started the journey to find a breeder with what you want. But how do you go about this?

You should probably search on the internet looking for a breeder near you. It is much preferred to visit the cattery and check things out and meet the breeder to see if you can do business with this person.

Unfortunately, this breed is rare, and there are not many breeders left in the U.S. (and abroad). There is a high likelihood that you will have to buy sight unseen. Scary thought, isn’t it?

Perhaps not as scary if you follow a few simple guidelines. And hopping right into those:

  • Does the breeder ship? If they do not ship, you will be required to pick the kitten up in person. If that is not an option, your choices are limited to those breeders that offer to ship.
  • If you decide to fly and visit the breeder, can you come to their home? If not, don’t buy from them. Any breeder should be inviting you into their home. Mind you – you may not be shown every aspect of their cattery, but at a minimum, you should be able to see the mom still with the kitten(s) unless the kitten is over 4 months old.
  • Inquire with as many breeders as you can. Even if the one you like the best does not have anything at this time, they will eventually. Treat buying a purebred Pixie Bob kitten the same way you would treat any major purchase. Kittens are not cheap, and you want to make sure that you get your money’s worth.
  • What are the contract terms? What is included in the price? I suggest you ask for a copy of the contract in advance. This will give you time to review it and check what is included in the price and not. This allows you to ask questions, voice concerns, and compare what each breeder includes and doesn’t include. It’s comparing apples with apples and not oranges.
  • What does the guarantee look like? Initial guarantees range from 72 hours to 14 days. There should also be a minimum one-year guarantee for genetic issues such as HCM, FIP and PKD. These diseases are not Pixie Bob specific, but HCM and FIP have been observed and are linked to defective genetics. PKD is an acronym for Polycystic Kidney Disease. At the beginning of this breed, an Exotic Shorthair was used, and that breed is notorious for PKD.
  • There are many breed-specific Facebook groups. Join the ones that are for connoisseurs, for pet lovers, and for pet owners. There you will see many pictures of wonderful Pixie Bob cats, and you can ask the poster where they got their cat from. Not every breeder has a website presence, and you might find one much closer to home that you never heard of. And let’s face it – a happy pet buyer is the single best recommendation you can get.
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