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The standard Pixie Bob color and pattern is brown spotted tabby.

However, because mostly found cats of unknown heritage were used in this breed’s early days, you can find off colors and patterns pop up here and there. Kittens/cats displaying off colors and/or a different pattern are just as much a Pixie-Bob – only non-standard. But what exactly does that mean?


There are two patterns – spotted/broken mackerel and classic.

The vast majority of Pixie Bobcats will either be spotted or at least display a broken mackerel pattern. Think of broken mackerel as a pattern with mostly spots and some stripes that are commonly referred to as rib bars. As you might correctly guess, these rib bars are found on both sides of the rib cage.


Let the fun begin!

The traditional color for all Pixie Bob cats is black/brown. Occasionally you can observe an off-color. There are three variants of off colors:

  • Dilute
  • Pointed
  • Melanistic

Let’s take a closer look at each of these colors.


Dilute literally means the diluted version of the black/brown tabby. The diluted color of black is grey (or “blue” in cat fancy speak). A standard, dilute Pixie Bob kitten would be a blue/brown tabby. However; it should be noted that the brown color is also lightened to a very light brown, borderline cream.

Dilute Female Pixie Bob Cat


Some purist style breeders deny that anything other than “bobcat hybrids” was used to create the Pixie-Bob breed. That is incorrect.

Early on, Bengal cats were used for their spotted pattern. Many Bengals are brown spotted tabbies as well, however, since Siamese cats were used early in the development of the Bengal breed, the recessive pointed gene proliferated throughout causing a few Pixie Bobs to carry this recessive gene.

If both parents carry for points, seal lynx pointed kittens may be born.

Pointed Pixie Bob Cat


The meaning of melanistic is “having very dark skin or hair” because it contains a higher than normal level of the pigment.

Melanistic cats appear to be almost completely black. It is caused by a genetic mutation and manifests itself in an overproduction of melanin (a.k.a. pigment), thus rendering a cat’s coat to appear solid black.

Melanistic Pixie Bob Cat

Although neither dilute nor pointed or melanistic are standard colors, we find them very interesting and worthy. Just because a Pixie Bob kitten is not a brown spotted tabby does not mean that it is not purebred.

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