The Pixie Bob Cat Legs, Feet & Tail

Each Pixiebob kitten and cat have substantial boning. Hence, their legs are thick and heavy. Legs are long, with the hind legs ever so slightly longer than the front legs.

The Pixie Bob standard calls for a normal number of toes but does allow polydactyl cats to be shown.  There can be no more than 7 toes per foot.

Toes are large and fleshy. All toes are to touch the floor and face forward. Toes bending backward or curling under will be penalized.

More About The Pixie Bob Cat Legs, Feet & Tail

The Pixie Bob tail comes in a range of lengths. Anything from 2″ (approximately thumb length) to the hock is allowed in the showing.

However; shorter tails, as well as ones that are full length, are not uncommon. Roughly about 50% of all Pixie Bob kittens are born with a full-length tail.

The TICA and ACFA standard awards 5 points for the legs, 5 points for the feet, and just 3 points for the tail.

Any cat not displaying proper legs, such as fine boning, feet, and a tail outside the allowable range will be penalized. ats with tails shorter than one inch and those with full-length tails will be disqualified.