The Pixie Bob Cat Eyes

The correct eyes on Pixiebob cats are medium in size. They need to be deep-set and heavily hooded. This is accomplished by the proper head shape rather than the correct eye shape.

Without a proper brow ridge which is created by the slightly rounded forehead in combination with the concave curve at the nose ridge, there cannot be a hooded eye.

An abundance of bushy fur at the brow ridge aids in creating that brooding/wild/sad expression that one would expect from Pixie Bob cats and Pixie Bob kittens.

Closely set eyes are a feature of the bobcat which the Pixie Bob cat emulates in a domestic form and thus, eyes are to be placed one eye width apart.

More About Pixie Bob Cat Eyes

The eye color can either be gold, brown, or gooseberry green. Gooseberry green is a green in color with golden flecks throughout.

The eye shape on a Pixie Bob kitten is subject to development and often does not reach its final shape, size, and placement until the cat is well into its second year of life.

The standard (TICA & ACFA) awards 10 points for the correct eye shape, size, and placement. The eyes receive the most points of any feature on a Pixie Bob cat’s head, indicating their high importance.

Any cat not showing the correct eye shape, size, or placement receives up to a 10-point deduction.