Explore The Pixie Bob Cat Head

Pixie Bob kittens and cats have an inverted pear head shape. It is wider on top, narrowing at the whisker break and then slightly flaring out again. The top head must be rounded to achieve the correct head shape.

The muzzle is the second part of the inverted pear head shape. A Pixie Bob cat’s muzzle needs to sport large and prominent whisker pads with a definite whisker break, an indentation right behind the whisker pads (this creates a narrowing effect) best observed when looking at the cat’s head from above.

Per the standard (TICA & ACFA), a strong, deep chin is another significant feature in Pixie Bob kittens and cats. Whisker pads and chin together need to form an equilateral soft-sided diamond. This translates into a muzzle that is as wide as it is deep.

Combined with a properly-rounded and wider top head, this creates the outline of an inverted pear head shape.

Weak chins, flat top heads, and lack of whisker break all negatively influence the head shape.

Pixie Bob kittens take a while to develop their final head shape and will at any given time perhaps have a weaker chin, temporarily lose their whisker break and look as though their muzzle has been pinched.

Adults at about 1 year should show the correct head shape. Any deficiencies at this age are likely permanent.

The standard awards 4 points for the correct head shape. Any cat not showing the correct head shape receives up to a 4 point deduction.