The Pixie Bob Cat Muzzle

Pixiebob kittens’ and cats’ correct muzzles are full, prominent, and broad – a true standout feature.

They are sporting fleshy, gently rounded whisker pads (think “bee sting look”) as well as a definite whisker break.

A whisker break is an indentation right behind the whisker pads. In properly bred Pixie Bob cats, the whisker break can be observed by just looking at a cat’s face.

More About The Pixie Bob Cat Muzzle

In immature and not fully developed Pixie Bob kittens, one might need to look at the cat’s head from the top to ascertain proper whisker break.

Per the standard in TICA and ACFA, the chin is well developed and fleshy with coarse, fuzzy fur. The chin aligns with the nose’s tip in profile view, thus creating depth for the muzzle.

The standard awards 5 points for the correct muzzle. Any cat not showing the correct muzzle shape received up to a 5-point deduction. It should be noted that the standard specifically refers to the chin, muzzle, and nose, forming an equal-sided soft diamond.

Chin, nose, and muzzle together receive 15 points making this the second critical feature on the Pixie Bob cat.