The Pixie Bob Cat Ears

The correct ears on Pixie-Bobs are medium in size. That means they are neither too small nor too large.

In comparison, Persians have small ears. Maine Coons or Abyssinians have large ears. The American Shorthair is another breed with medium ears, just like Pixie Bob cats.

More About The Pixie Bob Cat Ears

The ears must be wide and deep at the base and are placed as much on the head’s side as they are on the top of the head. This results in a slight outward tilt.

The ear top is always rounded. It cannot be pointy. Large ear tufts or lynx tipping may make them appear pointed, but they are, in fact, rounded on the top.

The standard (ACFA and TICA) awards 6 points for the correct ear shape and placement. Any cat not showing the correct ear shape or placement receives up to a 6-point deduction.